I’m Jo 🙂


First, about the Diary of my Inner Goddess.

Through this blog I document the ways of finding my inner goddess.

I have a great afinity for everything related to goddesses and divine feminine. After all kinds of readings I realised there are few things I really do to find more about this matter. And so little I know about this precious gem deep within me. So this blog is a place where I share my discoveries, my favorite things, and most of all, thoughts and lessons I have expericed that have shade light into my inner goddess.

I know sometimes it only takes a story, a line, a word to make you realise something, to make a great change, to have a huge revelation. With this thought in mind I share my ideas, hoping to inspire and to add my humble contribution to a world where every woman lives and values herself as the goddess she is.

Here you will not find rituals, spells, deep works and words. Everything you read is something that comes directly from my little experience, wheather it’s a lesson I learned by making mistakes or a book I read and recommend. Sometimes I will sprinkle some Goddess oracle card reading, but nothing more. Usually on facebook, so if you would like to keep in touch, join me here  🙂


Now, about me 🙂

I’m 26 y o, living in a small European capital with a wonderful man I have the honor to call my boyfriend.

I’m a costume jewelry designer, in love with everything adorment. You will read a lot of how my inner goddess thrives on jewelry and all kinds of feminine vanities.

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With deep gratitude for you time and attention,