The answer inside the Question

Eleanour Roosvelt said

Do what you can,with what you have,where you are diary of my inner goddess

In the past years, each and every time I stumbled upon this quote I put it in a special place, making it a mantra for guidance. From time to time I remember it, and it makes a huge difference on my mindset. After all, I learned by myself the work I do, starting it from scratch, in my room. But apparently, I don’t remember it as often as I should.

I like to journal. I usually do it in the morning, and before going to sleep I turn it into a gratitude practice. When I’m mad, sad or confused, I journal. As I seem to be a fighting&arguing phobic, journaling about the issue helps me clear my mind.

So today I had a 5 minutes journaling moment because my dissatisfaction with stagnation seemed to easily turn into a pity party. And as I kept journaling I heard myself comlaining about this and that, that I do have some things but they don’t go well with my startegy and I should be doing this and that but it’s all wrong and I’m dissaponted and sad and, and, and. In the moment I heard myself complaining in my head while puting it all into writing I had to stop. What was that? Am I complaining I have stuff and instead of working with it, because that’s my tool of trade, I am mad about it because it doesn’t sit well with my plan? What happend to my creativity? What happend to my problem solving skill? And how on earth am I compaining on actual abundance when that is what I try to create?

Needless to say my pity party transformed into a big aha party! From the moment I shifted my focus from complaining to, now I realise, gratitude and enthusiasm, my creativity and my energy exploded! Now I know what I can do. I know what I have to do. With what I have, where I am.

My story here is not about the shift. I’m still working on mastering the shifts. What I do want to emphasis is the confusion and the complaints before. They are, I see, blessings in disquise. There lies so much meaning in every word that comes from us. I know complaints, hurts are needs unfullfield, wounds unnatended. But sometimes, the simple complaint or the hurt has the answer in its formulation.

I dare to think there is sometimes a deep answer in the question itself.

Or this is what the little storm in a glass of water taught me today 🙂




The answer inside the Question