The Disney Moments

There are 4 pigeons on the streetlamp in front of my window.

It is very early in the morning.

I woke up after 2 hours of sleep, I scrolled the internet, planned the coffee and here I am, watching 4 pigeons on the streetlamp in front of my window.

For more than a month now I started to feel it is time to begin here again.

I had many many ideas. Sometimes I felt an urge so strong, I knew the lesson I learned was to be written right then, in the heat of the understanding. Other times I questioned whether the moment was important enough to write about it.

These ideas kept coming and passing. I had lost track of them. Yet I have some in the back of my mind, knowing they will repeat, and I will share them with you.

I think maybe the turning point was seeing Oprah praising that everything that feels good is great to be shared with everyone. Something which, I realise, I agree with. So here I am, trying to be brave and share my thoughts and lessons.

I love pigeons. I could say they are one of my favorite “animals”. I always notice them when they are near and enjoy having them around. My great friendship with them started in high school when we would share cherry pastries, in the park, between classes.

However, these 4 pigeons in front of my window were someting special. Have you noticed how birds on a wire tend to sit so very organised? There seems to be the exact same space between them, as if they, too, have, like people, personal space that need respect.

The picture these 4 birds made in an instant was a pure Disney moment. As I was folding laundry seing them, I felt a bit like a Disney princess. In a blink of an eye I had this idea that they were sure talking in their own language, watching me, and in the same moment these Disney movie scenes started popping in my mind. You know, the birds preparing Cinderella’s dress, the animals in the forrest singining with Aurora, and so on. Puure Disney moment! What a gift!

But I know what this was! This was a reminder!

A remind of a moment I hold dear and hope not to lose.

At this exact time 7 days ago we embarked on a plane to Wien. After everything went smoothly with the plane, we got in the city, since it was way too early to check in the hotel we started with a coffee. After the morning coffee we went walking, admiring the city. We stopped in the park, sat on a bench and enjoyed the warm summer day bathing in smooth wind carresses. While we were admiring the strong green and freshness of everything around us, we noticed 2 ducks relaxing in the grass. Now, from where I come from, ducks belong in farms. If they do, however appear in the city’s rivers, they are rare. And I also come from a city where sitting in the park, on the grass is still not very much aloud, maybe not to disturb the grass. So, ah, seeing these ducks so free and unharmed, so chill, not making noise, not runing, just being, was something to smile about.

While we were admiring the ducks, the wind started to blow a tiny bit rougher and as we talked and talkwed and made plans I started noting my boyfriend kept getting these white leaves on his black tshirt. When I turned my head I was confrounted with a big bush in absolute full, white, fragrant bloom, who literally was raining its precious petals upon as. And just as I was giggling and “oh-my-god-this-is-umbeliveble”-ing, on the street in front of us there was a white hourse carriage strolling casually.

Those couple minutes I was in pure awe at the magic of the moments I was experiencing.

I am one who gets this feeling at least once a week, and yet, that was a Disney moment! That combination doesn’t come everyday!

And yet, all it took was only 4 pigeons on the streetlamp in front of my window to create a new one.

I know, and this is one knowing from the deepest of my heart, that we are blessed everyday with magic. It’s all about noticing it.

It is my greatest wish, as I start this new journey with a magic moment to be able to help you, in my own humble, little way, with my lessons learned, stories and thoughts, to notice and have more magic in your live.



The Disney Moments